Tapestry was founded in 1979 when Sam Williams and Tom Sellers of the 604th Air Force Band began to perform jazz and party music around Alabama for private parties and dances with other Air Force Band members in addition to their military duties.  While job assignments put the band on a hiatus during the mid eighties, it was revived in 1989 when Sam and Tom, now both civilians, began working with vocalist Barbara Harvest, drummer Roger Rudolph and other local musicians.   During the early nineties the band was a popular staple in the local club scene, playing jazz and a variety of popular music.  Since then the band has primarily specialized in wedding receptions and festivals, as well as corporate and private parties.
While there are many good bands in Alabama, most of them specialize in a particular style of music.  Tapestry sets itself apart by having very versatile musicians who can play many different styles of music, and play them very convincingly.  With five lead singers Tapestry is able to cover a wide range of vocal styles.  In addition, over the last twenty years or so the bands members have become sought after musicians or as subs for other groups and for solos, duets and trios, giving the musicians experience playing large numbers of songs, in a wide variety of formats.  As a result, the band not only maintains a very large playlist, but is also able to play many other songs that are not included on the list..  All of our musicians love to play jazz tunes from the 20's to the 70's, and, since most of this music is designed to be lower volume, it makes a perfect backdrop for dinners and receptions.  Then, when it comes time to have a dance party, the band is able to effortlessly change gears from Motown to Classic Rock,  and then to Blues, R&B and Funk, while being able to work in requests for a Frank Sinatra tune or a Beach Music favorite.  This versatility enables Sam Williams (Stage Manager) to "sound out" the audience, note any requests, and then on the fly customize the tunes we will play that are best to keep the party going.
In addition to taking exceptional pride in our versatility and musicianship, we also take pride on our ability to work with each customer as an individual, understanding their needs for a particular event, and then having the proper mix of music, service, and attention to detail so they do not have to worry about the entertainment.  For over 25 years Tapestry can count (literally) hundreds of satisfied customers, as well as many requests for repeat performances for a second daughters wedding reception, or an annual corporate event or private party.  We would love to have the opportunity to play for your next event!!
Sam Williams- Alto, Tenor, Soprano Sax, Flute, Lead and Background vocals, Stage Manager
Although he is best known as perhaps the premier jazz sax player in Central Alabama, Sam is also a very versatile lead and background singer and is Tapestry's “frontman” and stage manager.  One minute he will be singing a Frank Sinatra like swing era classic and the next he will be belting out a rock tune by Bob Seeger or a Motown song by Marvin Gaye.  Sam honed his skills as a musician and band leader during his 24+ years playing with various Air Force bands in over 20 countries and in the years that followed in the Central Alabama Music scene.  He hosts the longest running weekly jazz jam in the State, and has played with many notable groups including Ray Charles, the Temptations, the Four Tops, the O'Jays, Toni Tennille and many others.  Sam is the person in Tapestry who calls the songs, and is the  main person in the band who interacts with the audience and event staff.

Tom Sellers- Keyboards, Lead and Background Vocals, Business Manager  
In his 40 plus years of playing keyboards professionally he has covered the waterfront of musical styles  ( Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, R&B, Reggae, etc.) and has played with dozens of different bands as well as doing solo jazz piano and solo “pop” piano/vocal performances.  Tom studied music at the University of Alabama and then honed his talents in the 604th Air Force Band at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery.  After retiring from State Government in 2007, he has been devoted to music full time, filling in with other bands, playing almost every Sunday in church, hosting jazz jams at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and  writing original music.  As business manager Tom is the primary contact for performance bookings, and takes pride in providing Tapestry's customers the best service possible.

Barbara Harvest- Feature Vocalist
A uniquely powerful and accurate vocalist, Barbara may draw her vocal style from the classic R&B divas like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight, but is also able to powerfully apply that style to songs made famous by singers as diverse as Barbra Streisand, Sade, and Tracey Chapman.  Before joining Tapestry in 1988, she was a member of the classic Montgomery R&B vocal quartet “the Blue Notes”, a group that performed to critical acclaim throughout the south.  In addition to her work with Tapestry,  Barbara is in demand as a soloist for churches and wedding ceremonies.  

Roger Rudolph-  Drums, Lead and Background Vocals
One of the most versatile drummers in the Montgomery area, Roger studied music at Grambling University, and Chicago University before getting his Masters at Alabama State.  He is at home performing any type of music and is a solid vocalist, with an ability to sing the male falsetto vocals that are so prominent in classic and modern R&B.  After college he toured with notable jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis and has worked with a number of top blues and jazz acts, as well as playing with the Montgomery Symphony.  He has taught Jr High band for almost 25 years and his bands have won numerous awards. 

Dan Cunningham- Guitars, Lead and Background Vocals
A versatile guitarist and vocalist, who has been playing professionally for over 40 years. He studied jazz guitar and guitar performance in the prestigious University of Northern Iowa jazz program. He played in numerous jazz, rock, and pop bands in the midwest and in Chicago while pursuing a degree in Optometry.  He now owns and operates his own business as a Doctor of Optometry in Montgomery Alabama. Dan's musical influences range from jazz artists Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell to Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Dan is obsessed with guitars and guitar tones and has been known to bring all manner of collectible guitars and amps to gigs.

Jason DeBlanc- Bass Guitar, background vocals
A gifted and versatile bass player, he is comfortable “laying down the groove” in any musical style, and plays both electric and upright basses.  While Jason is the newest and youngest member of the band, he more than keeps up with the other, older,  members of the band, providing a steady and confident rhythmic focal point to Tapestry's music.  A long time resident of Auburn, when he is not working with Tapestry, Jason is in demand for events in the Auburn /Opelika area, and is the “go to” bass player for visiting jazz artists.  

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